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Jennifer Dunham

Cash-flow and Client-flow Expert and
your Online Get-It-Done Hostess ;-)

"I absolutely I would recommend Jennifer. She is confident, she's fun, and she's really serious. She's, if I can say it, kind of a hard ass actually about what she stands for. She's clearly focused on building her business and on helping you build yours. 

 As a mathematician, as a computer scientist, as a successful, multiple six figure and seven figure business owner, she knows what works and her intention and focus are to help us employ those tools that work. And so, if you want that, if you want that intense, deep confidence, knowing and focus with real tools, with tangible applications, then Jennifer's a great partner to have in this work." 

"Jennifer is introducing tools that can then be individualized for a particular person. You can actually target and focus on the areas that are important to you and have very grounded common sense steps to move forward with the big inspirations and support from her community. Since joining the Inner Circle one of the exciting things for me has been the ability to generate $5,000 in a month period. That was HUGE for my business!"
Dr. Judith
"Working with Jennifer has been great because she puts together a plan tha's easy to implement. It's very achievable. She breaks down the proess into small parts where you can implement your plan and move FORWARD very QUICKLY."

Cathy W.

"In three months, my big win has been that I've really upped my game when it comes to communicating with my membership list and my email subscribers. I was doing it randomly, MAYBE monthly. Now I’m emailing my list on a weekly basis and getting more interaction with the people that were already in my community. I've increased my list size by about 20% in three months of joining the Inner Circle."